The David & Jonathan Foundation is a non-profit organisation, and was established 26 years ago by Jack and Annalee Carstens. We focus on partnering Churches around the world with Messianic Congregations in Israel. Messianic congregations in Israel have many needs. However, the biggest need is friendship, prayer and the sense of belonging to the body of Christ (Messiah). The believers are a small minority in Israel. Many times they are persecuted and feel isolated. Knowing there are other believers out there that care and stand with them in their trials is a great encouragement to them.


We provide the opportunity to partner with these Congregations. Should your church wish to partner with a Messianic congregation in Israel, D&J will assist you to find a suitable group with whom you can make contact, send reciprocal newsletters, visit each other and, where possible, support them with material and financial blessings.


We undertake regular tours to the messianic Congregations in Israel. Join us on our next tour and meet the leadership of several Congregations. The tours include all the regular sites as well as visiting several Congregations along the way. Tours are advertised in our 'upcoming events' tab. 

We also partner other Christian tour groups going to Israel with the Congregations in Israel in order for believers to meet the 'living stones' and not just see the tourist sites. This is the best way to experience what Jesus is currently doing in Israel. 

David and Jonathan Foundation also has a broader ministry towards the 'Church', educating believers about God's heart for the Jewish people, and how to love them to life with the Gospel. 

Recently we expanded by adding Simcha Puppet ministry to D&J, in order to share the Gospel and Bible lessons with children. You can contact the office to invite the Puppet Ministry to perform at your Sunday school or Kids Event. 

Jewish Believers in Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah are becoming more and more accepted as part of mainstream Israeli society, despite a lot of opposition.


Jewish believers are no different from their Jewish neighbors. They keep the Feasts of the Lord, respect and honor the Shabbat, pay their taxes, serve in the army and are strong Zionists.


However, it is mainly the Ultra Orthodox Jews that try to label Jewish believers as traitors and enemies of the faith. They are active in their opposition to the Messianic believers, especially in Israel. Congregations have been attacked, fire bombed and in one instance a bomb exploded at a leader's home, severely injuring his son.


Paradoxically, most Orthodox Jewry do not recognize the State of Israel, are against paying taxes and refuse to serve in the army! Legislation was recently enacted in Israel to change these practices.


The Messianic congregations in Israel need our continued support, encouragement and prayers. They continue to give hope to their countrymen as they share with them the Good News about the love of God, and Salvation that  only comes through Yeshua the Messiah.




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